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University of South Carolina Press

University of South Carolina in Focus

University of South Carolina in Focus

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A vivid portrait of one of the South's most beautiful college campuses

Chartered in 1801 and built upon a twenty-four-acre parcel of undeveloped land east of what is today the South Carolina State House, in Columbia, the University of South Carolina has expanded beyond the boundaries of its original campus, the historic Horseshoe, to become a vibrant and multifaceted urban research university. Throughout its history, South Carolina's flagship university has created opportunity and knowledge, educated hundreds of thousands of students, and enriched the cultural and social lives of countless community members and supporters throughout the state.

University of South Carolina in Focus celebrates the beauty of its campus architecture and the university's commitment to academic and research excellence, unparalleled student experience, and the thrilling Gamecock sports that fans cheer throughout the year. Enjoy this colorful "walk" across campus and experience one of America's most beautiful universities. Whether you are a current student, an alumnus, or a faithful Gamecock fan, this stunning keepsake will bring your treasured memories of Carolina into focus.
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